Un peu d’amour, d’amitié et… beaucoup de musique

(1974-1980) Télé Monte-Carlo

Un peu d’amour, d’amitié et…beaucoup de musique (A Little Friendly Love … and Lots of Music) has been a tv show that ran six years on Tele Montecarlo. The first musical talk show, it featured a wide variety of guests interacting with the public. Jocelyn created the show, hosted and directed it, and was television’s first VJ. Record labels faced a four-month waiting list to book their acts and promote new records. In addition, the show included a then unique quiz feature in which viewers called in and interacted with Jocelyn.

Seasons: 1974 – 1980
Hosted by: Jocelyn, Sophie
Created by: Jocelyn, Sophie
Directed by: Jocelyn