I’m Counting on you

(1988-1989) Raidue

A contestant is required to accurately count all the 50,000 lire notes being rapidly spewed by a machine onto the game table – the only pause being when the contestant’s wife correctly answers certain tough questions. But if she gets a question wrong, the contestant is plagued by a variety of devices designed to distract him (animals, chickens, clowns, sexy women, etc). At the end, the contestant is required to say the exact amount of money on the table, without any room for error. Jocelyn was creator, director and host.

Episodes: 18 (dal 03/02/1989 al 02/07/1989)
Hosted by: Jocelyn, Emanuela Folliero, Rosalinda Celentano, Pietro Ghislandi
Created by: Jocelyn, Jacques Antoine
Directed by: Carlo Nistri

Episodes: 18 (dal 29/01/1988 al 27/05/1988)
Hosted by: Jocelyn, Emanuela Folliero, Maria Sole Santassilia, Enrico Beruschi
Created by: Da un’idea di Jacques Antoine e Yean Yanne with Lionael Baert, Jocelyn, Laura Fischietto, Antonio Gerotto
Directed by: Antonio Gerotto