Jocelyn's official website

Jocelyn's official website

Jocelyn Hattab: tv show host, director and creator.



Jocelyn (Jocelyn Hattab) was born on December 5th, 1945 to a modest family in Tunisia, where he spent his earliest years and attended elementary school, Jocelyn displayed an early interest in entertainment. In 1956, when Tunisia won freedom from French rule, he moved with his family to Paris for political and religious reasons. There he continued his studies and thrived at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Leaving school early, he became director at an important light opera theater, “Le Theatre du Chatelet” at just 17 years of age. (At the time, the Chatelet theater was the largest stage in the world, with three elevators and a depth of 120 meters).
Following this venture in the theater, Jocelyn became interested in film. By 1965, he had managed to become assistant to such noted directors as Roger Vadim,

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In this section:
Video taken from the game show "7 per uno" (7 for one),"Il grande gioco dell'oca"(The roayl game of the goose) and  "Il grande gioco del mercante in fiera" (The traveling salesman game) ;
Jocelyn's photo gallery and more about the tv format "La noche de los castillos" (The night of castles).